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Certifications: AWS Certified Associate

Exam Name: AWS Certified Developer - Associate (DVA-C01)

Exam Code: DVA-C01

Total Questions: 703 Q&As

Exam retired ,new exam code replace: DVA-C02

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DVA-C01 Q&A's Detail

Exam Code: DVA-C01
Total Questions: 703

DVA-C01 Online Practice Questions and Answers

Questions 1

An on-premises legacy application is caching data files locally and writing shared images to local disks. What is necessary to allow for horizontal scaling when migrating the application to AWS?

A. Modify the application to have both shared images and caching data written to Amazon EBS.

B. Modify the application to read and write cache data on Amazon S3, and also store shared images on S3.

C. Modify the application to use Amazon S3 for serving shared images; cache data can then be written to local disks.

D. Modify the application to read and write cache data on Amazon S3, while continuing to write shared images to local disks.

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Questions 2

A gaming application stores scores for players in an Amazon DynamoDB table that has four attributes: user_id, user_name, user_score, and user_rank. The users are allowed to update their names only. A user is authenticated by web identity federation.

Which set of conditions should be added in the policy attached to the role for the dynamodb: PutItem API call?

A. Option A

B. Option B

C. Option C

D. Option D

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Questions 3

A developer is trying to get data from an Amazon DynamoDB table called demoman-table The developer configured the AWS CLI to use a specific 1AM user's credentials and executed the following command: aws dynamodb get-item table-name demoman-table --key '("id": <"N''; ''1993''}} '

The command returned errors and no rows were returned What is the MOST likely cause of these issues?

A. The command is incorrect; it should be rewritten to use : ut-i t am with a string argument.

B. The developer needs to log a ticket with AWS Support to enable access to the demoman-table.

C. Amazon DynamoDB cannot be accessed from the AWS CLI and needs to be called via the REST API

D. The 1AM user needs an associated policy with read access to demoman-table.

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Questions 4

A developer is troubleshooting connectivity issues between an AWS Lambda function and an Amazon EC2 instance that runs Amazon Linux 2. The Lambda function and the EC2 instance cannot communicate with each other even though the Lambda function is configured to access resources in the EC2 instance's subnet.

How can the developer inspect the network traffic between the Lambda function and the EC2 instance?

A. Inspect the VPC flow logs for network activity.

B. Use the traceroute command on the EC2 instance to check connectivity.

C. Analyze the Amazon CloudWatch metrics for network traffic.

D. Use the telnet command on the EC2 instance to check connectivity.

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Questions 5

A developer built a serverless application that processes medical images. The images are often more than 1 GB in size. Users upload all the images directly to an Amazon S3 bucket for processing. The application has users throughout the

world, and most users are geographically far away from the AWS Region that runs the application.

Users are experiencing long wait times when they upload large images. The developer must create a solution to minimize the latency that users experience when they upload images to Amazon S3.

Which solution will produce the HIGHEST throughput?

A. Configure S3 Transfer Acceleration on the S3 bucket

B. Configure an Amazon CloudFront distribution with the S3 endpoint as the origin

C. Configure Amazon ElastiCache on the S3 bucket

D. Configure AWS Global Accelerator on the S3 bucket

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Amazon DVA-C01 exam official information: AWS Certified Developer - Associate showcases knowledge and understanding of core AWS services, uses, and basic AWS architecture best practices, and proficiency in developing, deploying, and debugging cloud-based applications by using AWS.